Airbus A380 Redesign. What were the Proposed Changes?

Airbus had once planned to redesign its A380 aircraft to fit 80 more seats seeking to make its flagship model more attractive to buyers amid dwindling orders.

The company’s executive vice president of strategy Kiran Rao said, “We are adapting the aircraft to meet evolving market needs”.

What were the proposed changes for Airbus A380 redesign?

  • Removing an upper-deck stowage area to add 10 business-class seats
  • Re-positioning the main staircase to clear the way for 20 more premium and economy baths
  • Redesign of the rear spiral staircase into a straight configuration, allowing for 14 more passengers, and moving the pilot rest area next to the cabin-crew sleep zone.
  • Moving to an 11-abreast layout on the main deck to accommodate 23 extra passengers in coach.

Current Layout?

Typically seats about 550 passengers on two decks in a three-class layout.

Current A380 layouts from major A380 operators:

At max. capacity, A380 could carry more than 800 passengers in an all-economy layout.