Aircraft Maintenance Checks

Aircraft Maintenance Checks

Aircraft maintenance checks are an essential part of keeping aircraft safe and operational. These checks ensure that an aircraft is in good working condition and ready for safe operation.

These periodic inspections for commercial and civil aircraft are conducted after a designated time or usage. The most common aviation maintenance checks are A, B, C, and D checks.

A checks

An A check is the most basic type of maintenance check and includes general inspections of the interior and exterior of the aircraft for evidence of damage, deformation, corrosion, or missing parts.

During this check, technicians change filters and lubricate components as needed.

B checks

B checks are more thorough than A checks and involve more detailed inspections, such as checking engine performance and inspecting landing gear.

C checks

C checks are even more comprehensive than B checks and involve a complete inspection of the airframe, engines, systems, avionics, etc.

D checks

Finally, D checks are the most extensive type of maintenance check, which requires the disassembly of major components for inspection. All these types of maintenance checks help to ensure that aircraft remain safe to fly for passengers and crew alike.

Here’s an example of interval history for Boeing 747 scheduled maintenance checks.


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