Aircraft on Ground

Aircraft on Ground

Aircraft on Ground (AOG) is a term used in aviation maintenance to indicate that an aircraft has been grounded due to a serious problem.

AOG can be caused by a variety of issues, such as mechanical failure, weather conditions, or lack of spare parts.

How much does an Aircraft on Ground cost?

AOG costs can be very expensive for airlines. The cost of having an aircraft on ground depends on the type of issue and how quickly it needs to be resolved.

An airline may incur costs of up to $150,000 per hour when a technical malfunction grounds an aircraft.

The average aircraft lease is around $60,000 up to half a million US dollars, depending on the age and model of the aircraft. Standard parking rates are 40 cents per thousand pounds a day, while maintenance costs can range from $100k to $150k per hour.

In addition to the cost associated with AOG services, there are also other costs associated with having an aircraft on ground. This includes lost revenue from canceled flights and delays in scheduled flights due to the grounded plane.

Aircraft on Ground services and support

When an aircraft is in need of AOG services, it must be attended to immediately. Airlines may have their own dedicated teams for providing AOG services, or they may outsource this service to specialized companies.

These companies provide expertise and custom repair packages that can help get the aircraft back in the air as quickly as possible.

Airlines must also consider customer satisfaction when dealing with AOG situations, as passengers may become frustrated if their flight is delayed or canceled due to an issue with the plane.

How to reduce Aircraft on Ground situations?

To combat these high AOG costs, airlines are investing in more reliable and efficient technologies to help reduce downtime and increase operational efficiency.

Additionally, airlines are utilizing predictive analytics and preventive maintenance programs to better anticipate potential problems before they occur. Airlines are also utilizing artificial intelligence in aircraft MRO to help identify and predict failure patterns and maintenance requirements.

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Final thoughts

Overall, Aircraft on Ground (AOG) is a serious issue that requires immediate attention and can have costly consequences for airlines if not addressed properly.

Airlines should ensure they have the necessary resources available for dealing with AOG situations so they can minimize disruption and keep their customers satisfied.

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